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Outdoor laminate flooring for any weather conditions

The outdoor laminate flooring is obviously used for open balconies and loggias, swimming pool areas and near the house spaces. Such flooring possesses all necessary qualities for long and satisfactory usage. The main advantage of the outdoor laminate is the resistance to temperature extremes and changes. It doesn’t swell or crumble and has a long life. The non-slip and durable surface makes it to be the perfect choice for the […]

best type of laminate flooring for kitchen

The features of the best laminate flooring for kitchen

To the best laminate flooring for kitchen very stringent requirements are imposed. It must be resistant to environmental factors, to maintain a pleasant appearance for a long time and be beautiful and economical. It becomes clear that the usual laminate floors in kitchen are not suitable. Manufacturers of flooring found a way out by developing of the resistant to the impacts laminate. In fact, it’s the same compact stove, but […]

black maple laminate flooring

Classy and trendy black and white laminate flooring

Black and white laminate flooring is a contemporary and fashionable solution for the modern accommodations. It gives the impression of tiled of stone floor and is ideally suited practically in every interiors. Black and white tile effect laminate flooring can be used either in the living room and bedroom, or in the kitchen and bathroom. The flooring can be accomplished with warm floor function to make the usage even more […]

water resistant laminate tiles

Extremely practical water resistant laminate flooring

Water resistant laminate flooring is developed for using in bathrooms and kitchens. The distinctive feature of such flooring is the ability to repel water. In compare with common laminate, it doesn’t swell from the contact with hot water, possess non-slip qualities and doesn’t let the dust to stick on it. Water resistant laminate flooring for bathrooms can be designed as fake tiles and looks rich and trendy. The advantage of […]

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A white laminate countertop in a contemporary home

A cute white laminate countertop will ideally look in your updated kitchen. Today laminate countertops are very popular – they are very stylish and available in all styles and colors. These useful units may be installed not in your kitchen only. You may cover the surface of a bathroom vanity. High gloss white laminate countertop may be used in modern kitchen interior. Wilsonart and Formica laminate countertops are very popular […]

blue tile effect laminate flooring

Various shades of blue laminate flooring

It is not true that your floor color must always have “classic” brown shades, and blue laminate flooring by Armstrong is a proof of it. Blue wood laminate flooring will look fantastically beautiful in a contemporary house. It will match your white or light navy blue furniture and patterned blue and white curtains. At Armstrong official site you can pick up various of blue color shades laminate. Marmorette blue spa, […]

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Installing and removing floating laminate floor

Good quality floating laminate floor will make your home cozy, warm and comfortable. Unlike usual wood strips and laminate panels laminate floating floor is not nailed. Laminate floating floor boards are fixed very easily. Always use the underlayment for laminate floors installation. You should cover the whole surface of the floor area. Then install your first plank starting from the longest wall. Always leave a tiny (1/4 inch) gap for […]

premier from armstrong 12mm laminate flooring

Premiere laminate flooring for the contemporary stylish room

The premier laminate flooring is characterized by the extremely high quality of the materials. It is very durable and strong and resistant to wear. This flooring will live a long life and possesses an excellent appearance without any special care. Such laminate flooring parts usually consists of three layers. The lowest one is responsible for sound and thermo regulation, the middle layer absorbs shock impacts and the third, or the […]

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Mannington laminate flooring reviews may be helpful in choosing your laminate flooring

Mannington laminate flooring reviews claim that you can save up to 30-60% on your laminate. American Carpet Wholesale Mannington laminate prices start from 1 dollar. However, you may learn the exact price for this laminate only when you click to the image of the chosen concept. Even if you choose professional installation, your savings may reach a thousand of dollars and more. The larger space you are flooring – the […]

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How much does laminate floor installation cost?

There are some small tips how to learn your laminate floor installation cost. Calculate the total cost of your laminate flooring material. If you call a contractor, keep the sum which costed you your laminate in your mind. The cheapest contractor labour will cost approximately the same money you spent on materials. If you work with expensive high quality laminate, you may need more qualified labour. Then laminate installation cost […]